From the Chair of Gala Committee

Dear Families, Friends, and Supporters of Sejong Cultural Education, Inc.

Once again, I am honored to invite you to our Seventh Annual Fundraising Dinner and Auction!  

Sejong Cultural Education, this year with your support, celebrates twenty four years of having brought Korean culture to the homes and schools of Korean American children. You will be witnessing what has been accomplished through Sejong Camp, Trip to Korea, and workshops in King Sejong's spirit when you join the staff, mentors,parents, and teachers of our community on Thursday, April 23rd, 2015 at 6:30 at Double Tree Hotel in Fort Lee, New Jersey.
Thank you in advance for your ongoing interest and support in promoting Human Dignity through Cultural Education.

Looking forward to seeing you in person, 

Miki Hyun,
2015 Chair of the Sejong Gala Committee



Dr. Agnes Ahn

Born in Kirksville, Missouri in the 1961. Agnes grew up in the Appalachia hills of rural WV, without knowing or exploring her Korean identity.  Dr. Ahn lives in Dover, MA.  She is an OB/GYN.  Since 2009, Dr. Ahn, Sheila Jaung and Professor Minjeong Kim organize  a yearly Korea Studies Workshop for K-12 teachers in the Boston area.           

Tonight my story begins like most of the stories in my life. It begins with my children.
Summer 2006, I was sitting in front of the computer checking my e-mail when I could hear my 10 year old son sobbing uncontrollably. He was doing his one hour of summer reading.
“Mom, this book is really good but could you please tell me why people were so mean to the Japanese during WWII?   Why were the Koreans so cruel to the Japanese?”          
 No matter how hard I tried to explain the little knowledge I knew of that time period, my son was convinced that the Japanese were being mistreated by the Koreans during World War II.  I asked if I could look at his book to see if he had misread a passage.   Read More....


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Sejong Dinner Committee

The Dinner Committee for Sejong Cultural Education, Inc. was formed in 2009 by a few dedicated Korean American families in New Jersey with a passion for their community. The Sejong Dinner Committee supports the Sejong’s mission by organizing annual fundraising dinner and auction. The Sejong Dinner Committee members work to increase an awareness of Sejong’s mission and inspire new members to volunteer their time to support the organization. Without the leadership and outstanding support of the Sejong Dinner Committee, Sejong would not have been able to achieve much of its success to date.

  • Miki Hyun, 2014 Annual Dinner Co-Chair
  • Chris Meier, 2014 Annual Dinner Co-Chair
  • Julie Chon
  • Inah Chung
  • Elaine Cooke
  • Suzie Park
  • Ann Ro
  • Soo Lee