2016 Sejong Camp in Review

With camp's theme this year being "transformation", we undertook so many new changes including camp dates and location. Our new location at Johnsonburg Presbyterian Conference Center, was quite the site with a sprawling landscape and much more ground to cover getting to meals and activities. But that did not stop our campers and staff from having a great time with our varying instructors teaching a number of fun Korean experiences, like cuisine, language arts, and dance.

And although we moved back a week in the summer, we still had over 50 campers and 30 staff members who were excited to spend a week learning more about their heritage and self-identity. We had campers and staff from as far north as Massachusetts to the southern part of Washington D.C. We continue to grow our camper population, which is exciting to be able to share all of our fun activities with them, including our first ever movie screening of Twinsters, with a live Q&A from Samantha Futerman (the director, writer, and star). In addition, one of the biggest hits this year was the lakeside, as campers overwhelmingly spent time out on canoes, paddle boards, and row boats.

Regardless of where or when we ended up, this transformation has been an incredible journey for the program because of the experiences the campers develop with each other. As we continue to promote safe spaces and exciting opportunities to explore identity and heritage, it is important to remember the people involved in the process. To sum it all up, is my last visual of camp and having all of the families, campers, staff members, huddled around tables in the dining hall enjoying the sun, Korean food, and each other. What a great way to end camp, coming full circle from camper, to staff, to family; all included around our table for meal. I cannot wait for next year and we hope that your family will be able to join us again. Thank you!

2016 Sejong Camp Staff and Activity Schedule