2014 Sejong Camp in Review

We had another very successful summer  at Happiness is Camping, with over 70 campers and 35 staff members. During the first summer of transition from the original leadership team, there were great strides made to develop a better camp experience for our campers, including: skit night, live entertainment, and the second year of having Ewha Womans University students join us. The addition of Ewha Womans University students truly provided the camp and it's campers a unique immersion to have and make personal relationships to better understand the Korean experience from the motherland. They brought with them and incredible series of song and dance that they were able to teach our campers for the Saturday showcase. In addition, we were able to provide appreciation videos for our campers, parents, and other supporters - can be viewed here . We also provided opportunities for our campers to learn recipes and cooking instruction for Korean pancakes and bibimbap. In addition, there was plenty of outdoor time for the swimming pool, basketball courts, and soccer fields that were utilized for some of our camp programs - Olympics and carnival. We are definitely looking forward to this summer's camp and encourage all to register.