Lesson Plan II: Trip to Korea 2012

Lesson Plan II

By Anne Picklesimer

Physical Education Teacher at Judith Giacoma Elementary in Westville, Illinois

Title: Make It To Jeju!

Target: Grade Levels: 3rd - 6th grade


-Psychomotor: Students will be able to correctly get at least 2/3 of their team over to the opposite side by the end of class

-Cognitive: Students will be able to tell me the best way it was for them to get to the other side by the end of the class

-Affective: Students will be able to work cooperatively with one another, no matter which team they are on, by the end of class.

Equipment needed: one scooter, one jump rope, one hula-hoop, one cone, mats, arrows (plastic) Illinois State Standards Addressed: 1 9.A.3, 1 9.B.3, 1 9.C.3a, 1 9.C.3b, 21.A.3a, 21.A.3b, 21.A.3c, 21.B.3

Lesson Component:


1. Students will warm up by throwing arrows into a hoop at the end of the gym.

2. They will be broken into 5 teams for this (their squads).

Organization: Students will be in front of me

                    Instructional Skills: Inform/Apply

                    Teaching Cues: Eyes on target/ Step with opposite/ Work together

Main Set

1. I am going to have the students sit in front of me and introduce the game.

2. I will explain that I went to Korea this past summer and that we visited an island called Jeju. I will then explain to them that they either have to fly or take a boat to get the this island.

3. I will introduce the game like they were traveling on a boat to Jeju but then it started to sink and they only had a few items to get themselves over to the other side without touching the water. Organization             : Students will be sitting in front of me

Instructional Skills: Inform

Teaching Cues : Listening ears/ Eyes on me

4. This game is about working with one another to try and reach the other side (Jeju Island). Each student on your team must get over to the other side before the other teams do. Organization             : Students will be sitting front of me

Instructional Skills: Inform/ Apply

Teaching Cues   : Team friendly/ Inside voices/ Respectful words

5. I will then have them get into their squads they were with during the warm-up activity and have them begin. If they touch the ground then they will have to go back to the mat where their team started.

Organization: Students will be spread out on the floor with their teammates

Instructional Task: Apply

Teaching Cues : Same as above

6. Only two students maybe out in the ocean at a time and if equipment is left out there then it is up to the other students to retrieve it without touching the water.

Instructional Task: Apply/ Refine/ Extend

Teaching Cues:  Follow directions

7. Once all the team members are over safely I will restart the game but add more things or take things away to make it more challenging.

Instructional Task: Extend

8. I will be coming around asking them questions on which ways would be easier for them all to get over there.


1. I will gather the studetns and have them set the equipment back where they found it.

2. I will go over different strategies that each team used and ask them which was the best in their opinion.

Organization:     Students will be in front of me

Instructional Task: Inform/ Refine/ Apply

Teaching Cues:  Listening ears