2016 Sejong Trip to Korea

June 28th - July 10th 2016

This year, we had 23 trip participants.  It was a small group, but because of the group size, we quickly established a fine group dynamic and had a wonderful time together.
We started off working with the students and parents of Jong Chon Elementary School in Sejong City, Korea.  The families of Jong Chon Elementary School also opened their homes to us for the first two nights in Korea.  Many of our group agreed that spending time with the homestay families was one of the best aspects of the trip. During our first full day, we spent some time in a class, while one of our participating educators led a class with the Jong Chon 6th graders.

After we left Jong Chon Elementary behind, we participated in all sorts of activities in Jeonju, such as making Bibimbop and making our own Hanji, Korean paper.  We visited historical sites, made green tea and even spent the night in Tong Do Sa Temple.  The trip was packed with activities and exploring all of Korea.


2015 Korea Studies Workshop in MA

June 27 - 28, 2015


Chris Meier, Julia Park and Suzie Park attend the 2015 Korea Studies Workshop in MA to support their mission to educating educators on History and culture of Korea. We met and exchanged ideas and possible partnership with Korea Studies Workshop staff and their guest instructors in near future projects.

2015 KAAN Conference

June 24~ 26, 2015

Sejong Cultural Education was well represented at this year's annual KAAN conference in St Louis!
Ellen Heitzig (née Picklesimer) who is the social worker on our annual Homeland Tour as well as a former Sejong camper and counselor is on the KAAN advisory council, and served as the local host/liaison for the St. Louis conference spoke about what Sejong represented to her as part of her cultural identity journey as an adoptee. 
Marissa Lichwwick, who gave a plenary performance of her one woman show "Yellow Dress" - is also a former Sejong camper and also mentioned that Sejong Camp was the start of her own journey in coming to terms with her identity as a Korean American woman. 
Michael Burdan, former camper and counselor joined members of Sejong's leadership team: Benjamin Oser, Martha Crawford and Joy Lieberthal Rho for a rich panel discussion about the life long processes of cultural reconciliation for adoptees and second generation Korean Americans - and the entire diaspora of Korean identities in America. 
So many asked us about how to become more involved with Sejong Cultural Education, in their schools, volunteering with camp, or joining the homeland tours and the entire weekend the necessity and importance of Sejong Cultural Education Inc's unique mission and programs. 


First Annual Camp Sejong Winter Meetup

JANUARY. 17, 2015


We know that the relationships that our campers and counselors form over the summer are important and enduring. To recognize  those connections we decided to start a new tradition - and create a family-friendly opportunity for the entire Sejong community to come together. This year almost 80 people gathered at the Liberty Science Center: Board members and parents, alumni and counselors, long time campers, PA's and prospective campers for 2015. We took Liberty Science Center by storm! We explored the many engineering uses of duct tape by making toys, weapons and by taping each other to the walls! We climbed to the top of the Infinity Climber suspended 35 feet in the air! We learned all about the history, tricks, and logarithms of the Rubik's Cube! 

We raffled off some beautiful prizes and a $300 grant toward Camp Sejong 2015. We raised some funds to support camp programming and learned more about Sejong Homeland Trip opportunities. But most of all we came together, as a Sejong family, making new connections and strengthening old ones. Please mark your calendars and save the date: January 9th, Saturday, 2016 at 11:00 and join us for our Second Annual  Camp Sejong Winter Meetup! 


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KAFE (The Korea Academy for Educators) Workshop at USC, California

July 20 – 25, 2014 

KAFE (The Korea Academy for Educators) Workshop at USC, California 
Dr. Sherronda L. Brown, Director of DELTA(Dwight-Englewood Learning & Teaching Annex), and Mrs. Hyaekyung Jo, Executive Board of Sejong, have attended and presented for the 60 educators around the US who participated in this five-day-seminar at University of South California to study the history and culture of Korea and the Korean American students in their school system. 

NKSS(National Korean Studies Seminar) Workshop

June 23 – 27, 2014 

NKSS(National Korean Studies Seminar) Workshop in Gardena, California 
Mr. Clinton Carbon, Director of Diversity Department of Dwight Englewood Schools, and Mrs. Hyaekyung Jo, Executive Board of Sejong Cultural Education, have attended this five-day-workshop in preparation of Sejong JipHyunJun, a five-day-workshop on July 20-24, 2015 for the American educators in our area.  


Education Seminar & Workshop for Korean-American Parents & Children

October 5, 2013

Sejong Cultural Education, Inc. sponsored BCKAPA (Bergen County Korean-American Parents Association)’s Education Seminar and Workshop “Self-Esteem, the True Key to Success” on Saturday, October 5, 2013 at Chodae Church, Norwood, New Jersey.

Anne O’Brien and HyeKyung Jo from Sejong coordinated the workshops for 165, Kindergarten through high school, children who attended on Korean culture. More than 400 parents and children attended the seminar and workshop.

한인 학부모와 자녀들을 위한 교육세미나와 워크샾

지난 10월 5일 세종문화교육원의 후원으로 버겐카운티한인학부모회 (BCKAPA)주최 “학부모, 자녀 교육세미나”에 세종의 조혜경회장과 앤 오브라이언 작가 께서 165명 유치원부터 고등학생까지의 참가어린이들을 위해 한인 정체성을 심어주는 한국문화 워크샾을 진행하였다. 약 400명 넘는 한인 학부모와 학생들이 “우리 아이의 성공과 행복, 자존감에 달려있습니다” 주제로한 이번 세미나에 참가하였다.

Children’s Workshop

October 4, 2013

Sejong Cultural Education, Inc. sponsored and coordinated “What Will You Be, Sara Mee?” workshop at School Number 2 in Fort Lee, New Jersey for all the first graders, and “Composing Comics on Korean Hero Hong Gil Dong” at Palisades Korean School in Old Tappan, New Jersey. Both of workshops were presented by Anne O’Brien.

학생들을 위한 워크샾

10월 4일 금요일 오전 세종문화교육원의 후원및 주관으로 포트리     제 2초등학교 70명 일학년학생들 대상으로 한국의 돌잡이의 풍습을 바탕으로 자신의 미래의 꿈을 키우는 워크샵을 진행하였으며 같은날 오후에는 팰리세이드 한국학교 전교생을 위하여 삽화그리기의                                                                                                                                                          워크샵을 앤 오브라언 작가께서 진행하였다.

14th Annual KAAN Conference in Albany, New York

July 27 - 29, 2012                                  


Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network(KAAN) is a non-profit organization that offers annual conferences to provide a national network, building community through conversations and access to the leaders, researchers, filmmakers, and authors on adoption and identity issues from many organizations. We attended to support its mission and to share Sejong's programs and met with many adult adoptees and adoptive families. HyaeKyung Jo, Ellen Picklesimer, Justin Park, and Clinton Carbon were panelists for one of the programs at the conference to present Sejong Trip to Korea.