First Annual Camp Sejong Winter Meetup

JANUARY. 17, 2015


We know that the relationships that our campers and counselors form over the summer are important and enduring. To recognize  those connections we decided to start a new tradition - and create a family-friendly opportunity for the entire Sejong community to come together. This year almost 80 people gathered at the Liberty Science Center: Board members and parents, alumni and counselors, long time campers, PA's and prospective campers for 2015. We took Liberty Science Center by storm! We explored the many engineering uses of duct tape by making toys, weapons and by taping each other to the walls! We climbed to the top of the Infinity Climber suspended 35 feet in the air! We learned all about the history, tricks, and logarithms of the Rubik's Cube! 

We raffled off some beautiful prizes and a $300 grant toward Camp Sejong 2015. We raised some funds to support camp programming and learned more about Sejong Homeland Trip opportunities. But most of all we came together, as a Sejong family, making new connections and strengthening old ones. Please mark your calendars and save the date: January 9th, Saturday, 2016 at 11:00 and join us for our Second Annual  Camp Sejong Winter Meetup! 


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