2015 KAAN Conference

June 24~ 26, 2015

Sejong Cultural Education was well represented at this year's annual KAAN conference in St Louis!
Ellen Heitzig (née Picklesimer) who is the social worker on our annual Homeland Tour as well as a former Sejong camper and counselor is on the KAAN advisory council, and served as the local host/liaison for the St. Louis conference spoke about what Sejong represented to her as part of her cultural identity journey as an adoptee. 
Marissa Lichwwick, who gave a plenary performance of her one woman show "Yellow Dress" - is also a former Sejong camper and also mentioned that Sejong Camp was the start of her own journey in coming to terms with her identity as a Korean American woman. 
Michael Burdan, former camper and counselor joined members of Sejong's leadership team: Benjamin Oser, Martha Crawford and Joy Lieberthal Rho for a rich panel discussion about the life long processes of cultural reconciliation for adoptees and second generation Korean Americans - and the entire diaspora of Korean identities in America. 
So many asked us about how to become more involved with Sejong Cultural Education, in their schools, volunteering with camp, or joining the homeland tours and the entire weekend the necessity and importance of Sejong Cultural Education Inc's unique mission and programs.