2016 Sejong Trip to Korea

June 28th - July 10th 2016

This year, we had 23 trip participants.  It was a small group, but because of the group size, we quickly established a fine group dynamic and had a wonderful time together.
We started off working with the students and parents of Jong Chon Elementary School in Sejong City, Korea.  The families of Jong Chon Elementary School also opened their homes to us for the first two nights in Korea.  Many of our group agreed that spending time with the homestay families was one of the best aspects of the trip. During our first full day, we spent some time in a class, while one of our participating educators led a class with the Jong Chon 6th graders.

After we left Jong Chon Elementary behind, we participated in all sorts of activities in Jeonju, such as making Bibimbop and making our own Hanji, Korean paper.  We visited historical sites, made green tea and even spent the night in Tong Do Sa Temple.  The trip was packed with activities and exploring all of Korea.