Hannah Lewis, James Rinearson and Judie Rinearson


The three members of our family who traveled to Korea with the Sejong/BCKAPA have decided to submit a joint essay on behalf of all three of us. We are Hannah Lewis and James Rinearson (who were adopted from Korea) and Judie Rinearson (adoptive mom). We had a great time discovering the wonders of Korea. Here are some of our favorite memories: - visiting the beach in Jeju Island and getting our feet wet in the Pacific Ocean.
- going to the Children's Orphanage in Busan and playing with the toddlers
- watching movies and singing karaoke on the bus
- eating Korean food with friends and trying new things we'd never had before
- discovering Korean chewing gum and Korean ice cream and candy
- making new friends for life
- visiting Social Welfare Society and playing with the adorable babies (and learning more information about Hannah's and James' birth mothers)
- the cable car up to the top of Mt Sorak and the incredible views
- all the gifts that so many nice people gave us, and being treated like VIPs by local public officials, teachers, police departments, etc.
- getting up in the middle of the night to watch the Buddhist prayers at sunrise
- stopping at the fish market at night and looking at those weird squirting things..
- staying with a Korean family and breakfasts of soup, rice and kimchee.
Yes, we had an amazing, fantastic time. It was a magical experience for all of us.