Adoption Agency Visit

On the fourth day of trip, my brother-found out that his birth mother and father would be willing to meet him. When my mom told me this, of course I was happy for him. But being the annoying little sister, I was also jealous. Part of the reason I wanted to come to Korea was to meet my birth parents, even thought I knew the chances were unlikely.

- Caroline Shaffer

At the home stay, I stayed with two other guys from the trip. They are both Korean adoptees. Next day was a very special day for those guys I stayed with. It maybe the day they get to meet their birth parents for the first time. I found out that they didn't get to meet their birth parents, I felt sorry for them. I could only guess how they would feel. They must have felt sad and disappointed. Even when the trip was done, they didn't get to see their birth parents. I think they would have had a better trip, if they saw their birth parents.

- Caleb Vi

We were moved by Brian's birth parents' story about how his birth mother was forced to relinquish Brian against her wishes and how she's waited all these years to meet him. We're much more aware of the parents' struggles and grief when placing a child for adoption.

- Virginia Thompson & Thomas Shaffer