Korea on July 12th

by Fred Magenheimer


When we arrived in Seoul, Korea on July 12th we were greeted with heavy rains. It was the monsoon season. While the weather may have been dreary, the spirit of the leaders of the trip was not.
On the first day we were treated to a wonderful concert and meal at Bieum Cultural Center. We then met our Host Families. They were such a wonderful and delightful family. They really couldn't have been any nicer or more accommodating.
After spending 3 days in Seoul we boarded a plane to go to Je-Ju Island. It was so beautiful there. The beaches and hills provided quite a contrast. I will never forget the taste of the tangerines that grow there. The natural beauty of the island provided me with many lasting images.
From JeJu Island we flew back to the mainland and arrived in Busan. We visited an orphanage and were entertained by many talented musicians and dancers. We left the orphanage in the evening and headed for the Busan Fish Market. It was an amazing place to visit Busan itself was a very lively city with plenty of nightlife.
From Busan we started our trip north to Seoul. We went inland to view South Korea from a gondola atop Seolak Mountain. We then visited and had an overnight stay at NakSan Suh Buddhist Temple. We ate dinner there with one of the monks in a most rigid and formal setting.
We finally returned to Seoul for our trip back to New York on July 22nd. The trip lasted 10 days. The memories of the country, the culture and the Korean people will last a lifetime. The trip was beyond expectations in so many ways. It was fantastic. To sum up, Come to Korea!