My Korea Trip

Dara Cattani      

School Guidance Counselor at Hillside Elementary School, Closter, New Jersey


"My Korean trip was a priceless experience that strengthened my understanding of Korean culture. I feel very grateful to have had this opportunity that went beyond textbooks and lectures, but was all about' the gaining of knowledge through exploration.

The Korean people have passion about so many things and I was privileged to see some of it firsthand. feel this experience has helped me become a more aware person and a more effective school counselor. It has not only given me more insight to the Korean culture, but it gave me an understanding of how important it is to appreciate all students' cultural backgrounds and learn where they came from. From this experience, I will be able to educate my fellow colleagues through discussions and information sharing about the Korean culture. Also, I hope to help the Korean students as well as other foreign students with a smooth transition into school.

Thank you to Mrs. Jo, Mrs. Julia Park, the Closter KPGand the rest of the Sejong members who made this trip possible for me. An opportunity to not just learn but to truly live the culture.. .what can be better than that!"