The Greatest Impression

As I reflect back on the 2011 Sejong trip to Korea, visions of the long list of special places that our group we visited comes to my mind. Seoul, every other city and every place that we visited had a wonderful mix of beauty, history, friendly people, great food and fun things to do.

I can go on at length and write pages that would describe all of the impressive places we visited, but instead I will turn my attention on what left the greatest impression on me. The PEOPLE and FAMILIES that my daughter and I met through the trip left the greatest positive impression on me. Everywhere we turned we met PEOPLE that made us feel special. Everyone that we met was exceedingly friendly and looked to make the experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

Everyone in our traveling group beginning with our leaders Mrs. Jo and Mrs. Park were interesting, delightful to be around, respectful of others and always open to adventure. The kids were especially respectful, friendly and great fun. The families that greeted us with a reception dinner the night that we arrived in Seoul started the trip off on a high note. Then the home-stay families opened their homes, their lives and their hearts to give all of us wonderful home-stay experiences that none us of will forget.

As our travels progressed we continued to meet more incredibly friendly and caring PEOPLE. For example, our tour guides were friendly, well informed and committed to having us see all the sights, enjoying the best food and finding great shopping bargains. The Gwangju University administrators and students were friendly and committed themselves to making our visit educational and fun. The kids had a great time bunking with the students and we all loved the cooking class and we appreciated the time that the master cooks spent teaching us. Our experience at the Buddist temple was highlighted by the time we spent with the flute playing monk. His life story was very intriguing and we all appreciated his efforts to explain things and make our stay memorable.

I could go on for pages about the PEOPLE that helped make our trip memorable, but will stop here for now.


byJosheph Sofield