[Trip] Letter

Hi Mrs. Jo and Julia,

I feel like the last 3 weeks was spent in a dream. I can not begin to thank you enough for the incredible trip to Korea. I am so appreciative of Sejong Cultural Educations, Inc. to give me the opportunity to experience my children's cultural heritage with them and with you. Your loving heart and ability to understand the needs of all those that attended is remarkable. I know I could never had such a wonderful and fulfilling experience if I planned the trip on my own. Everything you planned was meticulously coordinated and we didn't miss a beat. I want to take myself back to Korea where there is a calmness that I haven't found here. This trip was not only a cultural journey for my family but a spiritual awakening for me.

On another note, I attended a family party last Sunday and shared my photos with some of my relatives. I sat for quite some time with my uncle and discussed his role in the army during the Korean War. He told stories that no one had ever heard before. We were all mesmerized. He was also very appreciative to hear about the UN memorial, and felt that others who served there needed to see and hear about it. I am already making a plan. This year on Veteran’s day I thought I would share my experience in Korea with our students and with the veterans that visit. I want to let them know how much the Korean people appreciate all of their effort during the Korean War.

Thank you once again for the incredible trip.