[Trip] Note from 2012 Trip to Korea ( Students part 1)

Going on the Korea Trip was really a great experience for me, besides the many places we've been throughout the trip; the educators played an important role in the Korea trip. Educators are not only there to improve their teachings and the school, but they also want to experience new things in Korea, to compare the differences between America and Korea, and to have fun also. My principal Mr. Gatens went with me to Korea. At first

thought that it would be a little weird being with my principal, but it was actually really a great experience for both of us. Later on in the trip, I realized that he was a great guy and loved learning new things, even my friends on the Korea Trip thought he was cool! But Mr. Gatens was not the only educator that was really cool, other educators were like him as well, that wanted to have fun and learn at the same time. Overall, I thought the educators were great, and it was really enjoyable to see the "other" side of them.

-Christopher Park

8th Grader, Norwood, New Jersey


I loved this year's trip to Korea! There were many things that made the trip wonderful, such as being in my motherland, hiking, the food, the home stay, the temple stay, the college stay, and also the great people that went on the trip. My favorite experience though was definitely the home stay!

The home stay was my favorite because we did so many activities together with the family. My home-stay family consisted of a mom and dad, their son, who was a college student, and another son who was a 15 year old teenager like me. I also had two really nice roommates on the trip for the home stay who travelled to Korea with me. When we first got to the home stay apartment, we were taken to a restaurant and had Bulgogi, which I love, and it was really good.

Some of the activities we did the next day included going to see Namsan tower. At the top of the tower we looked at all the love locks on the trees and fences. We also had a wonderful view of Seoul Korea from the top of the tower. After seeing the many wonderful views we went downtown and we got to look around and buy some souvenirs. While we were shopping my home stay mother got the ingredients to make Topokki and pork. Our dinner that night was marvelous, and we ate like kings! After eating, the two boys took us out to karaoke which was very fun. We sang Korean songs and popular American songs. Then to top it off we had ice cream to end the night.

All of the activities we did with our trip group were all really fun but the home stay was definitely my favorite part of the trip. The home stay portion of the trip allowed me to experience life as a typical Korean 15 year old living in Korea! I really loved getting to know my motherland and had an awesome experience. The trip to Korea was the best trip I've ever gone on, and I hope to be able to return soon!

-James (Jack) McGovern

High School Student, Tarrytown, New York