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2021 sejong camp

COVID Protocol

Sejong Camp

Updated: May 2021

As we continue to monitor new information, guidelines, and research collected and distributed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and State of New Jersey, our leadership team will make every effort to ensure safe practices for a successful camper and staff experience. That being noted, the following highlights our most recent protocol and plan recommendations regarding this summer.


**All participants and/or family is fully responsible for the transportation and immediate accommodation should a positive result take place during camp.**


Prior to the arrival of staff and campers - the expectation is as follows:

  • All participants are required to self-quarantine one (1) week prior.

    • This means that the participant will remain with their nuclear family, partners, or residence members for ten days. Parents please do your best to ensure safety measures are made for your camper if your work or recreation involves individuals outside of the home residence.

    • Secondly, all participants are to self-monitor for the following symptoms during this mandatory quarantine:

      • Temperature greater than or equal to 100F

      • Feelings of fevers or chills

      • Cough

      • Loss of a taste or smell

      • Fatigue/Tiredness

      • Sore throat

      • Shortness of breath or trouble breathing

      • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea

      • Headaches

      • Nasal congestion/Runny nose

Should the participant show any of the symptoms, please inform the medical coordinator and director - to determine next steps for observation and eligibility for participating in camp.

  • Vaccinations

    • All staff - counselors, personnel, and leadership - is required and expected to be fully vaccinated at least ten (10) days prior. Must provide evidence.

    • All eligible campers - likely those at least 16 - will be expected to be fully vaccinated at least ten (10) days prior. Must provide evidence.

  • Testing

    • Require all families to provide COVID test results for each camper three (3) days prior.

  • During camp operations - the expectation is as follows:

  • Daily morning COVID temperature and symptom check - executed by a staff member of each cabin group.

  • Additional consultation with the medical coordinator should at least one of the symptoms be met.

  • Mask wearing is required for all indoor activities, with the exception of eating, drinking, swimming, and sleeping.

  • Optional for outdoor programs, unless closer than three (3) feet.

  • Practiced social distancing - up to three (3) feet - where applicable.

  • Participants will refrain from sharing personal items.

  • Staff will work in conjunction with campers to ensure the hygienic cleaning of spaces after all activities - including classes, meals, and programs.

  • COVID positive test - expectations:

  • The medical coordinator will have rapid-tests available for use with any participant that shows a symptom - see above.Should the participant test positive, they will:

  • Collect their personal items from their residence.

  • Be temporarily placed in an isolation unit on camp grounds - while leadership contacts the guardians of the participant.

  • Staff members would be responsible for their departure from camp.

  • The guardians are responsible for the immediate and safe collection of their participants.

  • The participants entire group would then undergo testing.

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