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Board of Directors


Antonio Aiello, Chairman of the board
Emily Salamon, Secretary

Susan Becker

Chris Meier

Karen Mok


Antonio Aiello

Chairman Of The Board

Antonio Aiello is a writer, editor, and content strategist working for organizations at the intersection of the arts, education, and social justice, including the Bard Prison Initiative, MCC Theater, the American Booksellers Association, Case Commons, and the Baryshnikov Arts Center. As former Content Director and Editor at PEN America, the world's leading literary and free expression organization, he founded and edited the online literary series the Illustrated PEN, PEN Ten Interviews, the PEN Poetry Series, PEN/Guernica Flash, and the translation magazine Glossolalia to engage and promote often overlooked, marginalized, or under-published communities. As an adoptive father of Korean children, he writes and speaks frequently about identity, marginalized voices, and multi-ethnic and multi-cultural families. He is a co-founder and Trustee of Writ., a literary and arts organization advocating for safe and equitable creative spaces. More recently, he is collaborating with former Guantánamo detainee Mansoor Adayfi on the book Moments from Guantánamo to be published by Penguin for release in the fall of 2021. 

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Emily Salamon


Emily Salamon (neé Lynch) is a Korean-American adoptee, raised in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Emily joined the Sejong family in 1996 as a camper and served as a counselor ever since she became eligible. She showed her love and leadership for Sejong serving the female head counselor from 2010-2015.  In 2014, Sejong Cultural Education presented Emily with the Sejong Lifetime Full Circle Award for her growth and dedication at Sejong Camp for last 18 years as an assertive and cooperative team leader.  Emily was adopted with her fraternal twin brother, Andrew, with whom she met her biological family in the summer of 2008. She now lives in Philadelphia with her husband and works as an innovation and strategy consultant.  

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Susan Becker


Susan Becker was adopted from Seoul, Korea at the age of 4 ½ months. She was raised in Bergen County, NJ with strong ties to the Korean Adoptee community. She attended regional cultural events and camps since she was a baby, including Camp Sejong from 1992 to 2005 and finally in 2011. Susan joined the Sejong Cultural Education Board of Directors in 2018. Susan is former President, former teen mentorship director, and current Advisory Committee member of Also-Known-As, an adult adoptee-led non-profit that serves the tri-state area. Susan works in finance in New York City. 

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Chris Meier


Mrs. Meier has been a big part of Sejong as a parent, a volunteer, and a leader ever since her sons joined Sejong camp in 2005.  She has been active in Sejong annual gala working committee from 2008, and had co-chaired the 2013 fundraising dinner.  Mrs. Meier has served Sejong as a President for the past five year and now she is a board member.  With her husband, Mr. Hak Meier, who has served Sejong as a board member and an adoptee himself, she has always been up front and committed in cultural education in her surrounding communities.  Before joining Sejong she was the PTA Multicultural Committee Chair of Old Tappan middle school in New Jersey for eight years (’99-’07) and served as Treasurer for five years (’04-’09).  She came to the US as a young girl in 1984 and holds BBA with an extensive graduate study from Georgia State University. Her commitment will add future vision and new energy to the next generation of Sejong Cultural Education, Inc.

크리스 마이어님은 2005년 자녀들이 세종캠프에 참여한 것을 시작으로 자원 봉사자로서, 지도자로서 세종문화교육원에 중요한 역활을 해오셨습니다.  2008년 세종의 첫 모금만찬 준비위원 이였으며 2013년에는 만찬행사의 공동위원장 이셨습니다. 지난 5년동안 세종의 회장직을 수행하였으며 입양인이자 세종문화교육원의 전 이사장이셨던 남편과 함께 지역학교 한국학부모회 회장등 지역사회에서도 교육과 문화에 관련된 단체에서 활발히 활동하고 계십니다.  2019년부터 이사로써 세종문화교육원에 새로운 비전과 에너지를 불어넣어 세종이 한단계 더 도약하게 될 것을 기대합니다.

Karen Mok photo.jpg

Karen Mok


•    Board member for Sejong Cultural Education Inc. (2018-Present)
•    Advisory Board Member for New Jersey Korean American Parents Association (2014-               Present)
•    Board Member for Korean American Educators Association in New Jersey (2014-Present)
•    Advisory Board Member for Bergen County Korean-American Parents Association -                   BCKAPA (2012-Present)
•    Founder and President of BCKAPA (2008- 2012) 
•    Volunteered as a camp instructor and a trip staff for Sejong Cultural Education Inc. (2001-         2011)
•    Vice-President for Northern Valley Regional High School in Old Tappan Korean Parents           Subcommittee of the PTO (2004-2006)
•    President for Korean Parents Subcommittee of the PTO of Old Tappan Elementary and             Middle School (2002-2004)
•    Teacher at St. Andrew Kim Korean School in New Jersey (1993-1995)
•    Editor and Reporter for <Korean in American> Magazine (1992-1993)
•    Reporter and Columnist for New York Korea Times (1990-1992)
•    Teacher at New York Broadway Korean School (1989-1990)
•    Korean language instructor for non-Koreans at Yonsei University Language Institute in S.         Korea (1986-1988) 
•    Graduated from Sookmyung Women's university in S. Korea with BA in Economics with             Minor in Political Science (1982)
•    Graduated from Sookmyung Women's university in S. Korea with Masters in Labor                     Economics (1985)
•    Holds Secondary Teaching Certificate as a Social Studies Teacher issued by the                       Department of Education in S. Korea 


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