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Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Dear Sejong Families and Supporters, I am writing to inform you of important news concerning the future of Sejong USA and its core programs. In May 2022, the Sejong Board of Trustees voted unanimously to Sunset (close) Sejong Camp after the 2022 camp session. We arrived at this decision after carefully considering all our options with Joy Lieberthal-Rho and Benjamin Kim Oser. Sejong Cultural Education, Inc. will continue to operate as a 501 3c nonprofit organization with the Sejong Korea Trip as the primary program. Rest assured, this is not the end of Sejong Camp or Sejong USA, just the next step in the organization's evolution. It's been a privilege and joy to have been a part of an incredible program started three decades ago by Lindy Gelber, Linda Priore, and Hyaekyung Jo. Their mission to create a meaningful connection to, and a sense of pride in, Korean culture and heritage continues to weave through the organization today. Joy, Ben, and the Sejong camp staff and counselors have done an incredible job adapting, growing, evolving, and creating an inspiring and much-loved place for our community, where every year campers experienced a safe and nurturing space to explore and expand their connection to Korean culture and heritage and to cultivate life-long friendships and a strong sense of community. Their work, joy, and commitment will live on in the community.

Our hope is that as Korean adoptees, their children, and Korean-Americans hit adulthood and start their own families, they will be inspired to pick up the mantle of Sejong Camp and create a similar space for their children. We have been lucky to have had the leadership and commitment of Julia Park as Executive Director and Director of the Sejong Korea trip. Julia has been a dedicated supporter and bulwark of Sejong for years, connecting the organization to educators and to the Korean and Korean-American communities here and in Korea. She's been an unstoppable force in fundraising and community outreach. She will continue her work as Director of the Sejong Korea Trip to bring adoptees and their families, educators, and Korean-Americans to Korea for an incredible and immersive experience. The Korea Trip program will be in full swing again for the summer of 2023. I would like to thank Sejong's dedicated and hard-working Board of Trustees (past and present) for their service and commitment. Our current President, Chris Meier, has weathered years on Sejong's board, always as an invaluable leader and inspiration. We've been fortunate to have Susan Becker and Emily Salamon bring their valued experience and important perspective as members of the adoption community who have seen it all. Last but not least is Karen Mok who has helped make our annual Gala a reality and to maintain strong ties to the Korean Community. Of course, the most valuable part of Sejong Camp has been the campers—we love meeting new families and watching campers grow year after year. You have made Sejong what it is: a life-long community of friends and family anchored by our shared interest, pride and love for Korean-American culture and heritage. Thank you for your continued support!

Here's to the next part of Sejong's journey.


Antonio Aiello

Chairman of the Board Sejong Cultural Education, Inc

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