Fundraising Gala

Dear Families, Friends, and Supporters of Sejong Cultural Education, Inc.

Once again, I am honored to invite you to our Eighth Fundraising Gala!   

Sejong Cultural Education, this year with your support, celebrates twenty-six years of having brought Korean culture to the homes and schools of Korean-American children. You will be witnessing what has been accomplished through Sejong Camp and the Trip to Korea when you join the staff, mentors, parents, and teachers of our community on Thursday, April 27th, 2017 at 6:30 at the Double Tree Hotel in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Thank you in advance for your ongoing interest and support in promoting Human Dignity through Cultural Education.    

Looking forward to seeing you in person,  
Chris Meier,
Sejong USA, President

CLICK HERE to see pictures from the 7th annual Sejong Gala!

2017 Sejong Cultural Trip to Korea (June 27 - July 9)

Sejong Cultural Education, Inc. takes selected educators and/or government officials, Korean-American students, and Korean adoptees and their parents together on a trip to Korea to help them better understand themselves and one another. We are confident that the positive experiences of Korea and Koreans shared by the participants of different background will empower them to become more influential members of our global society. This will also enable them to build bridges between Korea and the U.S. and also among people with differences in our country, America.