2017 Sejong Cultural Trip to Korea (June 27 - July 9)

Sejong Cultural Education, Inc. takes selected educators and/or government officials, Korean-American students, and Korean adoptees and their parents together on a trip to Korea to help them better understand themselves and one another. We are confident that the positive experiences of Korea and Koreans shared by the participants of different background will empower them to become more influential members of our global society. This will also enable them to build bridges between Korea and the U.S. and also among people with differences in our country, America.

Sejong Camp 2017

Sejong Camp provides an opportunity for Korean-American children and adoptees to connect to and feel a sense of pride in their Korean heritage.

This one-week program gives them a chance to be with kids who have to deal with the same racial and identity issues in life. It is critical to realize that our children will neither be seen as, nor treated as Caucasian in their adult life. Empowering them to deal with difficult issues enhances their self-esteem. At Sejong Camp, questions are answered, a feeling for their place in the world is enhanced and an appreciation for Korean culture is developed, all in a safe and nurturing environment. Korean-American and adoptive Korean-American parents love Sejong Camp because their children emerge truly enriched by the experience. But if you ask our campers, they’ll tell you the best part of Sejong Camp: It’s FUN!